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The library is a drop off location for Operation Adopt-A-Soldier, for more ways to help including pre-made packages please visit their site

Items needed include:

Tooth paste Fly traps Flea collars Chap stick
Tooth brushes Deodorant Candy Baby wipes
Chips/snacks Lotion Eye drops Nail clippers
Maxi pads Tampons Antibacterial soap Wet naps
All occasion cards Envelopes Stationary Magazines
Newspapers Pens/pencils Shaving cream Toilet paper
Homemade cookies Kleenex Disinfectant soap Spaghetti O’s
Hard candy Little Debbie snacks Girl Scout cookies Hand cream
Powered drink mix Lemonade powder Ice tea mix Ball hats
Gloves Razors Gum Life savers
Journals Bar soap Shampoo Baby powder
Watch hats International phone cards Lip gloss Ramaen soup
(Dry) cup of soup First aid items Crayons Coloring books
Games Books Comic books Beef Jerky
Tuna can or packet Trail mix Dried fruit Nuts
Energy bars Canned snacks (pringles) Candy bars Packaged cookies
Canned meals Hostess cupcakes Instant Coffee & Tea Microwave meals
Antibacterial wipes Foot powder/cream QTips Tissues
Cough drops Insect repellent Motrin/Tylenol band-aids
Sun screen Wash clothes Hand Lotion DVD Movies
MusicCDs Portable DVD player Mp3player Crossword puzzles
Board games Baseballs&gloves Footballs Frisbees
Soccer balls Gameboy Pen/Paper/Envelopes Children toys
School Supplies Cool Max T-shirts,brown Socks,black and white Flip-flops for shower
Sock liners Goggles Sunglasses Can openers
Hot plates AA and AAA batteries Rechargeable batteries and chargers,AA 22v/110v electrical converters
Small flashlights English/Arabic dictionary