One-on-One Help

Internet-ready Computers for Public Use

One-on-One Computer Help

Individual assistance related to the Library’s systems is available.  Policy prohibits us from working on individual patron’s own hardware devices.  Please stop by or call and ask for  Jenn Richard (518-399-8174 ) or via email at

The Town of Ballston Community Library recognizes that the Internet can be a valuable source of information and provides free Internet access to our patrons.

Internet users should be aware that information found there is not subject to review in the way that books and articles are when they are edited, published, reviewed, and selected for purchase. Therefore the Internet may contain material that is inaccurate, outdated, and controversial and that may be offensive to some users. The Library is not responsible for Internet content or any consequences that may arise from its use.

The library has Internet-ready computers for public use. Each computer is loaded with Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office 2010 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, and Access), has at least two USB ports, CD/DVD burner, and mic and headphone jacks. To encourage fair and responsible use, the following apply:

  1. You must sign in using your own library card account number. We do have guest passes if you are visiting us from out of town. Photo ID is required.
  2. You will not be able to access these computers if you are under 17 and do not have a signed permission slip, or if you owe $5.00 or more on your library card. We ask that you use only your own library card on these computers.
  3. Users are limited to 2 hours of Internet computer time per day. If a Library computer is available, you may request additional time from Library staff who will accommodate as best we can.
  4. Children and young adults under age 17 must either be accompanied by a parent or responsible adult or have signed written parental permission to use the Internet.
  5. The Library does not provide the following Internet features: e-mail accounts that require desktop email programs, chat rooms, content filters or bookmarks.
  6. Any data saved or downloaded to a hard drive on a Library computer is erased at the end of the login session. Users may bring a USB flash drive to save files, or blank CD or DVD to burn files. Also, users may be able to upload files to personal online storage web sites such as Google Docs or Dropbox (registration required).
  7. There is a laser printer available. Users may print for 15 cents per page (black and white) or 65 cents per page (color).
  8. Headphones can be purchased for $2.00. For reasons of sanitation, headphones cannot be returned.
  9. The Library reserves the right to suspend Internet computer privileges of users who fail to follow these guidelines, deliberately misuse the service or equipment, or who engage in behavior that is abusive or offensive to other users.